Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Finally did some unpacking and got our tiny aluminum tree decorated. We plan to have a much bigger tree next year but the living room is an absolute wreck right now because we're in the middle of painting it & patching holes, etc. I wanted to make one spot nice for Xmas Eve so I managed to make room in our dining area. In a week or two the dining area will be painted (it's currently the same ugly gray/blue color that the previous owners left it) and I hope we can afford to get a rug soon.

The vintage Danish modern dining set was a recent local find. We were told that it was made in the '60s by Dyrlund and it came with 2 leaves so we can expand it if we need to. Best of all? The whole set (4 chairs & table) only cost us $150!!! The clock on the wall was my Xmas gift to my husband this year and the painting was done in the '60s by a Latvian artist named Jurjans who was a friend of the family.

Happy Holidays!!!

Xmas 2010 (Evening Shot)
Xmas 2010


  1. Oh, you have divine things! I love your dining setting! I'm returning to my Santa sack to check there wasn't one here that I overlooked!

  2. Thanks so much! Glad you like the dining set. It was a real steal and I'm glad we picked it up. Hope you're enjoying the New Year!!

  3. Drool! :) Looks great! The painting is amazing!

  4. Thanks a lot, Jacque! My husband inherited a lot of amazing art that had been in his family for years after his father passed away and I'm glad we have a place to display it now. I love that painting a lot!



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