Saturday, June 25, 2011

Clocks In Home Decoration (1965)

Clocks In Home Decoration (1965)
I recently picked up this great book & catalog at a garage sale. It was published by Westclox in association with Good Housekeeping magazine and it features a ton of great snapshots of style conscious 1965 interiors. I love '60s design and I found it really inspiring. I especially love the colorful kitchens! I thought I'd scan some of my favorite images from the book to share. Hope you enjoy them!

Family Room (1965)
Kitchen (1965)
Kitchen (1965)
Kitchen/Laundry Room (1965)
Bedroom (1965)
Bathroom (1965)

If you'd like to see a few more pictures from the book you can find them in my "Clocks In Home Decoration (1965)" Flickr Gallery.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Butter Cream Bakery

My favorite breakfast spot in Napa is the 65-year-old Butter Cream Bakery. This colorful pink & white stripped building is a local landmark and serves up up some of best omelets and pancakes I've ever had the pleasure to eat. The bakery is also a reasonably priced culinary treat in a city where food is extremely important and you'll find some of the most delicious donuts and pastries imaginable being sold there. Almost all of their ingredients come from local farmers and growers so the food is always fresh.

Top: The original Butter Cream.
Bottom: How Butter Cream looks today.

The Butter Cream Bakery has been owned by the same family since it first opened its doors some 48 years ago and they've donated to a lot of important local organizations including the Napa Food Bank, various Schools, Hospice, the 4-H Club and the local Police and Fire Departments. When they renovated the building in 2002 they kept as many of the original furnishing as possible and today it still has the look and charm of a 1950s style diner. If you're ever in Napa don't miss the chance to visit the Butter Cream Bakery. They're also open for lunch and during most holidays.

Visit Napa's Butter Cream Bakery online:
- The Butter Cream Bakery

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