Sunday, November 22, 2009

Will This Be My Home?

Custom Built 1955 Ranch Home

Front Door

Custom Built 1955 Ranch Home

Top: Exterior shot
Middle: Example of what the front door looks like
Bottom: Interior shot

The past 4 months have been exciting and frustrating. While looking for a home that fits our budget we've occasionally wasted time looking at houses that we knew we could never afford. But the current housing market is unpredictable and you never know what to expect. This weekend we got an unexpected surprise.

We've had our eye on this custom built 1955 atomic ranch house for months and it suddenly dropped 40k from it's asking price. We immediately decided to make an offer on it and much to our surprise, it was excepted!

The house is the second home of a woman that actually lives in the neighborhood but it's a "short sale" which means the offer also has to be approved by the bank. At the moment we're in the beginning stages of escrow but until we get bank approval and go through inspections I'm trying to remain calm, cool and collected without getting too attached to the house since the deal could still fall apart.

The place needs a LOT of work and it will undoubtedly take us a few years to get it into tip top shape but if we do get the house I'm looking forward to the challenge of restoring it.


  1. I forgot to wish you good luck on this one. The door is very cool, and I love the stone fireplace. Let us know how everything goes!

  2. Thanks AR! We probably won't know anything for a couple of weeks and the banks are slow to reply during the holidays but I hope we get some kind of answer soon. In the meantime we're still looking at houses in case the bank doesn't accept our offer.



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