Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Window Shopping: Klassik by Lynne


Over the weekend my guy and I took a break from all the stress associated with purchasing our first home and we decided to do a little window shopping in the East Bay.

One of our favorite discoveries was a place hidden away in Emeryville called Klassik by Lynne that sells vintage Danish mid-century furniture, art, fixtures and other lovely things imported directly from Denmark. Many of the pieces were reasonably priced and the owner was very friendly and helpful. If you ever find yourself in Emeryville I highly recommend visiting Klassik by Lynne. We definetly plan to revisit the place after we get moved into our new home.


- www.klassikbylynne.com


  1. Hey there! Just came across your blog and couldn't be more excited to find someone who shares my love of all things mid-century. My grandfather, E. Stewart Williams, was an amazing mid-century architect and I've always been so inspired by his aesthetic. Congrats on the home purchase...can't wait to see what you guys do to the place!

  2. Hello! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. Your grandfather sounds like a fascinating man. I'm always happy to hear from other shelter bloggers so I've added your blog link to my blogroll. I"ve been really busy this week but I hope to update Mid-Century Living soon.

  3. I have to say... I adore your blog. It's so great to find so many pictures of all this in one place! I will certainly be using them for inspiration when I eventually buy my own place. Please keep them coming!

  4. Thanks so much Esther! I'm glad you like the pictures. I plan on sharing interior shots from early '60s mid-century homes soon.

  5. A fondness for 50s design... Something else we got in common, Kimberly!

    My wife's Danish and we actually have that PH-lamp above our dinner table. It's a classic.

  6. That's terrific, Peet! I love that lamp and I bet it looks amazing in your home.

    My husband is Latvian but his family owns some really lovely Danish furniture as well. I love the clean lines and all the wood. Thanks for stopping by!



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