Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Own A Piece Of History

I love to bowl. Throughout the '90s my guy and I went bowling regularly. We tried to get friends to bowl with us and occasionally we'd convince them to come along, but for the most part we were a solo act. For one reason or another I haven't bowled much in the last 10 years but I really want to start doing it again for fun. Hopefully whatever town we end up moving to will have a working bowling ally so we can start playing again.

I'm mentioning all this because I recently came across an interesting article posted at Inhabitat that talked about a sustainable furniture designer by the name of William Stranger who makes furniture from the recycled wood of abandoned bowling alleys. I hate to see old bowling alleys torn down and vacant but I love the fact that someone is making good use of the remaining parts. The tables and wall art that William Stranger has created is really impressive and I'd happily have one of his pieces in my own home.

You can find more information about William Stranger and his sustainable furniture at his website:


  1. Aren't they cool? It's so great to see people recycling in creative ways and creating art out of something that would probably have been tossed in a dump.



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