Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rejuvenation's Spektr Light

Spektr Light

Over the July 4th weekend we installed our first Spektr Light from Rejuvenation. We plan to install two more in our entry way and hallway. We had been spending a lot of time and energy trying to find matching vintage lights but the prices are often just as high or even more for quality lighting. It's also hard to find multiple matching lights in good condition. To make matters worse, we've had lots of problems with the old electrical wiring in our home and we're nervous about using older lights due to possible fire hazards. Lastly, we appreciate Rejuvenation's commitment to authenticity and energy efficiency so we're really happy with our decision to purchase lighting from them.

Rejuvenation's Hourglass line is absolutely gorgeous! The Spektr Light is based on the Stockholm series originally manufactured by EJS lighting in 1959. It took more than two weeks for our first lamp to arrive so if you order from them and need something in a timely manner make sure you place your order far in advance. We were extremely impressed with the quality of the lamp. It was beautifully made and easy to install. We considered getting the aluminum finish but we decided to go with the bronze two-tone instead. The bronze has more warmth and feels more period perfect. It also picks up on the warm wood tones we have throughout our home.
Spektr Light

Living Room (1954)
I believe this vintage furniture ad features the original Stockholm lights.

We'd also love to get the these lights for our kitchen.

Sample image from Rejuvenation

A word of warning to new home owners...

I suffered "sticker shock" when we started shopping around for vintage and new lighting after buying our new home. I've been living in rented apartments for the last 25 years or more and I had no idea how pricey good home lighting could be. Lights were an expense we hadn't really planned for so it's going to take us a year or more to get all the lights we want & need for our home. Quality fixtures add a lot to a home's resale price even when they're as specialized as the ones we're purchasing so we think we're making a good home investment by installing Rejuvenation lights, which are beautifully crafted and energy efficient. And since we plan on living here for a long time we can enjoy them for many years to come.


  1. Those are my favorite Rejuvenation lights. Great choice!

  2. super choice...love the lamp..and wow...like the vintage picture u dugout!!

  3. Thanks! The lights are beautiful. I really admire Rejuvination's craftsmanship.



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