Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mini Mad Men Style Guide

Season 4 of Mad Men kicks off tonight and in its honor I thought I'd share a collection of links to various articles, photo galleries, etc. that might appeal to anyone who appreciates the style and attention to detail that the talented Mad Men set designer Amy Wells and production designer Dan Bishop bring to each episode. 

Interviews with Amy Wells:
- Inside Mad Men - Set and Production Design Video Interview with Amy Welles & Dan Bishop at AMC 
- Q&A with Amy Wells at AMC 
- NPR Interview with Amy Wells 
- Interior Design Interview with Amy Wells

Photo Galleries & How To Guides:
- Roundup of Mad Men Style Articles from Apartment Therapy 
- Mad Men Style: The Best of the 1960s from House Beautiful 
- Mad Men set decorator Amy Wells on the hunt in HomeGoods from the L.A. Times 
- Decorating Ideas to Steal From Season Three of Mad Men at CasaSugar 
- Mad Men: An Office and a Gentlemen from Entertainment Weekly 
- Great 1960 Interiors on Season 2 of Mad Men at Retro Renovation 
- How To Recreate Betty Draper's Knotty Pine Kitchen also at Retro Renovation 
- The Knotty Pine Interior Group at Flickr

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