Saturday, January 9, 2010

Inspection Week Complete!


After a trying week of home inspections and lots of negotiations, we're finally moving forward with purchasing our first home. Buying a 56 year old house that hasn't been cared for very well is a challenge and besides needing a new roof, the house also needs a whole host of other repairs that will take us a few years to complete while we renovate.

I'm nervous about the challenges ahead but buying a "fixer-upper" also has its own rewards. I'm really looking forward to giving the place all kinds of personal touches and turning it into a real home. By mid-late February we should have the keys to our first home in our hands!


  1. This is exciting! And I know it seems daunting too. We've been in our home ten years and we're always identifying new projects :)

  2. Thanks, Gretchen! Its odes seem daunting and I suspect that we'll probably always have things we want to do around the house. I'm looking forward to it though. :)



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