Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Decorating Ideas to Steal From Mad Men

CasaSugar just posted a nice piece called Decorating Ideas to Steal From Season Three of Mad Men. I'm a Mad Men fan myself so I enjoyed reading her decor tips. Below are a just a couple of my favorites but check out the whole article for more great suggestions.

Love the basel chair designed by Jasper Morrison.

This oil painting by artist Alan Robinson is fantastic but a little too rich for my blood. Well worth the price though if you can afford it!


  1. Hi K! Love the new blog. You're inspiring me to redecorate my own home. Glad to know you're enjoying Mad Men as well. You can expect an email from me soon :)

  2. Mad Men! Love everything about that show. I'll have to go check out that other post, too. The ideas you can get just from watching one episode of MM are overwhelming!



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